About Us I work with forward Thinking Clients

About You

Business men and women

Most of my clients are successful business owners or managers, typically in small to medium sized firms.

What they have in common is a dissatisfaction with their existing marketing output, whether it is the state of their brand collateral – brochures etc. Or they are simply frustrated with investing money in marketing schemes without actually seeing a tangible return.

I like clients who want to get to the next level, people who have smart goals, managers who are looking for someone to talk to, who will tell it like it is and preferably ones who have a realistic budget to help them achieve this.

Sound familiar?

If this sounds like you, why don’t you give me a call. I’ll only start the clock when we agree on a budget, an approach and an end goal.

About Me


Having worked in the marketing industry since 1995 I have a very broad spread of experience across multiple disciples. Since 2006 I have been working for a wide variety of clients across many sectors to provide a single source of marketing support.

I can see flaws in brands that most people overlook, whether it is a tone of voice that’s wrong or lack of a coherent information hierarchy, a weak value proposition (or none at all) or simply just bad design.


I’m 45, happily married, have 3 children at the local school and spend 10% of my time (sometimes feels like it)  artworking PTA posters. When I’m not working we go camping, regrettably the margins don’t allow for the Maldives.