Marketing consultant Ad-hoc help, demonstrable value

Do you ever need tactical support?

My marketing consultant service offering is as broad as my experience but following are some ways that I can help.

Some of my clients simply like to have me in their address book to call-on me in times of difficulty.

Every business has times when external, impartial and expert advice is needed for tactical marketing delivery.

Marketing Consultant Services:

  • Pitch Support - I understand that a new decision-maker at your client’s office often results in a “new broom” approach whereby they bring in new suppliers/contractors to make their presence felt, but you can avoid this. By not being complacent, you can remind your clients what a great job you have been doing for them, you know what they like, and more importantly need, so you can target your proposal at a commercial level that will tick all the right boxes.
    You must absolutely start each proposal on a blank sheet of paper because you know that the competition will. Even worse the competition could be on the phone to me right now and I promise you that my pitch will make the client sit-up and take notice!
  • Agency Selection – I have worked for several agencies (and run my own) so I know what agencies are good at! One of the things that they are very good at is persuading clients that they are the best option.
    If you are looking to employ a creative/events/web design agency and want to be sure that you are getting the best for your budget, I can be available to run the selection process for you…
  • Ad-hoc marketing support – Are you delivering a marketing programme that requires regular management and finding yourself under-staffed to deliver it? I am available to work from your offices to assist you on a tactical, part-time basis with your challenge.
    I can even work from my office – thereby avoiding any “finding a desk, pc etc” issues.
  • Start-up advice - Entrepreneurs are a funny crowd, I should know, I’ve been there!
    The main problem is that starting a business is a bit like falling in love.
    Very often, the entrepreneur is blinded by ideas, thoughts and dreams and need a reality check to ensure that the idea has sound commercial prospects. I am a great devil’s advocate (unless I’m thinking about my own ideas!) and you can use me as a sounding board, I’ll check business plans, marketing plans, I’ll even check-out your PNL projections and I’m very good at giving direct, sometimes too direct, critique.