Design If it is right, it looks right

Does your brand still look good?

All brand design gets stale over time! Trends move on, copy gets jaded and your customers expect something a bit fresher. Before they move on, why not spend a bit of time (& money) taking a fresh look at your entire suite of marketing collateral.

It happens all the time, if you don’t have someone to look after your branding, little flaws start to sneak in. I regularly work with clients who have lost touch with their original logo designer and can’t put their hands on a hi-res logo suitable for print, because no one knows where it is filed. So what happens is that the low-resolution logo, often lifted off the website, starts getting used more and more in all media.

Keep it consistent

There’s no such thing as a perfect brand! But the very least you can do is ensure that all of your branding is consistent. A simple brand guidelines document kept on file can ensure that your design contractors, printers and staff are all working with the same colour profiles, tone of voice, images, logos and typefaces.

Can you honestly tell me that all of your branding is the same throughout your organisation?

Here’s some things that I could help with:

    • Newco names and brand ID – Naming a company and designing a logo will often lead an entrepreneur to make decisions based on personal feelings rather than commercial sense. Unfortunately, this approach can quickly lead to difficulties when marketing the brand.
      Everything from URL availability, colour selection, typeface selection and logo design will ultimately impact on the success of your marketing. Start your marketing from the outset and get advice that will help, not restrict your business moving forward.
    • Logo design/re-design – Whether you are starting from scratch or simply updating your brand, I can help with clear concise design advice and graphic design services.
    • Design for print – Whilst the move towards internet based marketing has reduced the impact of print, there is still a place for well designed printed collateral.
      Spot colour vs CMYK advice, paper selection, lamination and choosing the right printer… I can help.
    • Presentations – So, you have invested money in a marketing campaign and have a meeting booked with a very desirable new client – what are you going to present to them?
      PowerPoint is the natural choice, but whilst it is a very useful tool, in the wrong hands it can result in a presentation that actually pushes-away the client – make the right first impression!

If your brand needs a refresh, call me on 01844 201 553 or email me simon[at]