Marketing elucidate your benefits

What benefits can you offer your customers?

For me, good marketing is all about how you speak to your customers, in print, on the web and even face-to-face. All businesses that I work with are guilty, to a lesser or greater degree, of a ‘features not benefits‘ approach to their marketing.

“Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers”.

In a sales environment, the ‘value’ can often be defined by the features of your product or service. If you are sitting in front of them, they have decided to give you the time to showcase your offering. But how can you persuade them to give you this time?

Effective Marketing

I can help you revise your content and tone of voice so that your customers do not need to look too hard to see the benefits of your offer.

Can’t see the wood for the trees?

I am all too familiar with this problem. Business owners and managers are often too close to all the every-day problems of running the business to be able to step back and to look with an impartial and critical eye at their business.

On the other hand, I enjoy nothing more than to sit down with a blank sheet of paper and an internet connection and to sift, analyse and critique the entire collateral suite for an organisation.

Get the ‘write stuff’

My offer is very straightforward. I can help you write stuff. From the tone of voice that you use on your marketing collateral, to the creation of an effective and communicable marcomms plan. I can give your marketing a content boost so that it hits the mark, both internally and externally.


  • Content Direction – Content is king. In this age of relentless marketing messages it can be almost impossible to make your message resonate with your customers.
    I can step into your customers’ shoes and create a content hierarchy that is aimed at answering their questions, engaging them emotionally, so that they give you the time to make the sale.
  • Marketing Strategy - Fail to plan, plan to fail – trite but true! How can you expect to monitor and improve on your marketing if you have no way of measuring its success? A marcomms plan doesn’t need to be the size of a telephone directory, but it does need to present a series of measurable tactics, derived from brand, sector and competitor analysis, that can be delivered against an existing budget.
    The reason most people don’t write one is that they are scared of starting from scratch – I’m not!
  • Brand Audit – I spend up to 2 days talking with you, your sales teams, your customers, analysing all of your marketing output, from advertising to websites.
    After which I will prepare a report for you outlining where you can best invest money to achieve the desired results.
  • Interim Support - Are you delivering a marketing programme that requires regular management and finding yourself under-staffed to deliver it? I am available to work from your offices to assist you on a tactical, part-time basis with your challenge.
    I can even work from my office – thereby avoiding any “finding a desk, pc etc” issues.
  • Advertising - In the good old days, advertising was where most of the marketing budget was spent. Less so today, but advertising is still an effective weapon in a marketing portfolio, providing it is well delivered. I can help you design and artwork simple and engaging print advertisements to help build your brand identity.

Are you ready to take a fresh look at your marketing? If you are, give me a shout and let’s talk about it.